Dropship Data

Tardis Wholesale does things differently for channel partners⚡

Offering an array of hardware vendors and mobile networks, MSPs; ISPs; IT companies and Telecom resellers no-longer need to stock SIM cards, routers or CCTV cameras.

What is the Dropship Data programme?

Dropship Data is a new and exclusive club for pioneering partners that wish to focus on growing their mobile connectivity pipeline. Traditionally, partners hold SIMs and stock routers, which can be costly and take up office space.

Hundreds of resellers still operate this way! Dropship Data, exclusively from Tardis Wholesale, is an extremely similar model to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), but specifically for mobile broadband partners in the channel.

How does Dropship Data work?

  1. Partner creates a new Dropship Data order on the Tardis Wholesale Portal
  2. Partner chooses network and router type
  3. Partner enters the delivery address for the customer
  4. Tardis activates the SIM and configures the router
  5. Tardis packages the solution, fully branded as the partner
  6. Tardis provides support to the Partner for the life of the Dropship Data programme

Fancy a look around? Request a demo via the contact page and get to know the Tardis Portal ⚡


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Tardis Wholesale is offering 5% OFF all Dropship Data partners who sign-up and order between 30th March and 29th April ⚡