Deploying mobile connected IoT devices can be a complex process with the wrong partner, particularly if they are international – coverage issues; regulations; inventory management and available technology⚡

Tardis’ eSIM provision solves all the above, and more. With internal and operator expert knowledge, we are extremely well suited to make recommendations for your requirements.

Why Tardis for eSIM?

Tardis’ eSIM is used widley across various enterprises around the globe. Combining our GSMA-compliant eSIM with unlimited access to our wholesale portal, Tardis Wholesale provides an advanced connectivity solution for any sized company our partners sell to.

Global network

Our advanced mobile core network is purpose built for large scale IoT applications with massive connection and data capacity.

Remote provisioning

Deploy and manage eSIM Profiles remotely and at scale. Use our platform to manage your entire fleet and network operations.

Fully managed as standard

Tardis Portal is in its 6th year of leverage – use it to better manage your fleet of eSIMs, routers and connected sensors.

eSIM profiles

Build high-availability, flexibility and security into your products using our eSIM profile options for global, regional or local deployments.


Fancy a look around? Request a demo via the contact page and get to know the Tardis Portal ⚡


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Tardis Wholesale is offering 5% OFF all Dropship Data partners who sign-up and order between 30th March and 29th April ⚡