Hybrid LoRa WAN + IoT Sensor Monitoring

Welcome to the future – industrial Hybrid LoRa WAN gateways, with automated field sensor monitoring⚡

Tardis’ hybrid LoRa WAN solutions empower partners to resell into various verticals and maximise new margin.

Partners that want to enter a new market with pioneering technologies – this is it. All Tardis IoT deployments come with an industrial-grade LoRa WAN gateway which is managed on the wholesale portal.

Top key features:

  • Gateway is supported by global LoRa WAN frequency bands
  • 8x channels to support concurrent data reception

Tardis’ software monitors critical control points including CO2, water leaks, humidity, dust particulates, wind, temperature, movement, contact, energy, power and pressure.

IoT, in a box

  • Remotely monitor your sensors, instantly
  • Reactive and Proactive Maintenance
  • Tardis’ software leverages Machine Learning (ML) to create acutely accurate algorithms that determine a number of factors.
  • Autonomous alerting
  • Escalation procedures are handled through automated email and SMS alerts.
  • Simple stupid
  • Easy, intuitive and a user-friendly interface.
  • Secure and resilient
  • Using Azure and AWS, all IoT data is stored and maintained daily with a 99.9% uptime.
  • Sensor agnostic
  • Tardis IoT works with other vendors to generate a result on the Tardis Wholesale Portal

Reduce Stock Loss

Alarms and notifications prevent wastage of produce and samples, alerting you on events and risks

Reduce Operational Cost

Automated processes and business insights reduce operational costs

Predict, Diagnose and Prevent

Legacy trends and patterns used to pre-emptively warn and prevent equipment problems 

Lower Energy Consumption

Optimised energy consumption reduces energy cost and environmental impact

Tardis Wholesale has grown into much more than SIM cards, routers and CCTV.

In 2020, Tardis added a new provision – IoT sensor management – this offering has had tremendous impact on the medicinal world we know today.

During Covid, one of the first Tardis Wholesale partners won the Health England and NHS contracts to monitor the temperature of the vaccines during storage. Said partner has won similar contracts around the world, including North America, Germany and Australia.

Sensor management is becoming hyper-popular and this is an area we can help new resellers and established partners grow unparalleled margins.

Leveraging LoRa WAN (Long Range Wide Area Networking) through a Tardis Hybrid solution, sensors allow partners to provide their client-base with real-time data, not just GB!

For example, with Tardis’ IoTaaS, partners can monitor anything, for example, how frequently windows and doors are left open in an office; the wind speed for telecoms engineers on mast and cell tower infrastructure; you have a construction company that wants to monitor how quickly concrete sets; a waste management company might want to identify how quickly their field-based bins are full, ready for collection.

These examples can be achieved with Tardis Wholesale and more importantly, the data generated from these field-based sensors will give you and your customers true analytical abilities.

A short list of available sensors:

  • Bin sensors

  • CO2 sensor

  • Energy monitors

  • Pressure sensors

  • Wind speed monitor

  • Wireless leak detector

  • Power supply detector

  • Smart building sensors

  • Environmental sensors

  • Dust particulate sensor

If you can dream it, Tardis Wholesale can sense it – YOU can sense it – YOUR clients can sense it.


Fancy a look around? Request a demo via the contact page and get to know the Tardis Portal ⚡


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