Wireless WAN Connectivity Solutions

Tardis for partners and their customers⚡

Big or small, your enterprise must be agile and we believe your WAN should be, too. Tardis’ wireless edge solutions unlock the power of 5G and 4G mobile networks to give your WAN the boundless reach, non-stop reliability and real-time agility it requires to keep up with you and your clients businesses.

Tardis will help you connect temporary sites, vehicles, field workers and IoT devices, anywhere.

Easily. Securely. Wirelessly. 

Your Wireless WAN future, starts here. 

NetCloud™ x IoT Accelerator = Tardis

For partner enterprise wireless WAN requirements, the Tardis Wholesale Portal really comes to life. Utilising Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager and Ericssons’s IoT Accelerator, we combine cloud management, software-defined networking and unified edge security with industry-leading 5G and 4G mobile networking technology to power a portfolio of purpose-built wireless edge routers and adapters.

Connect people, places and things

Imagine a single cloud software suite with wireless edge routers, specifically designed to connect fixed and mobile sites, vehicles, field workers and loT devices over 5G and 4G mobile networks. Welcome to Tardis.

WAN never stops

Tardis’ wireless-optimised software-defined networking and dual modems enable non-stop reliability across multiple mobile networks. 

Security on steroids

Tardis brings together best-of-breed network security to protect partners from cyber threats and to maintain compliance.

Connect beyond possible

Tardis enables partners to do anything and everything — speed, reliability, management and security — to deploy a Wireless WAN with confidence and leave the wired world behind.

Manage more, with less

Tardis has turned NetCloud on its head and refined it. Partners can enjoy a simple user experience, but benefit from a complex cloud management platform that gives you complete visibility and control of your network, but using less resource and downtime. 

5G is a journey, not a destination

Cradlepoint pioneered wireless WAN technology and that is a key reason Ericsson acquired them in late 2020, but if you want to give your business the best opportunity in wireless connectivity, get started on your pathway to 5G, today.

Connect more. Wire-less

Whatever you use wireless for, we have purpose-built 5G and 4G solutions that enable you to connect more, with less cost, complexity, time, people, and wires. 

Branch Continuity (Failover)

In the era of mission-critical cloud applications, branch continuity and WAN uptime are paramount. Our 5G and 4G adapters provide the performance and path diversity you need to deliver a nonstop experience.

Wireless Branch Connectivity

Connect beyond the limits of wires with an all-in-one branch routers that delivers superior performance and uptime with zero-touch deployment, cloud management, SD-WAN intelligence, and unified edge security. 

Zero-Trust Networking

For store-within-a-store, IoT, or temporary contractor networks, zero-trust networking enables unparalleled security by isolating one network from another using 4G LTE (physical) or NetCloud Perimeter (logical) segmentation. 

Mobile Networking

Connect beyond the branch to pop-up and temporary sites, vehicle fleets, and field forces with the peace of mind that comes with ruggedised, GPS-enabled mobile routers and enterprise-class security, management, and control. 

Digital Signage

From digital billboards to roadway signs, lobby marketing, engaging menu boards, and wayfinders, digital signage is everywhere. And nowhere will you find a more reliable, secure, and flexible way to connect it all than right here. 

IoT with Edge Compute

Whether you’re connecting high-value assets like kiosks, windmills, charging stations, or surveillance cameras, or aggregating sensors within a site, get IoT routers with built-in security, cloud management, and edge computing. 


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